Crystal Resources Technology Co.,Ltd

Crystal Resources Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fused quartz and industrial ceramic products.
The advanced technology and strict inspection methods insures the high quality.With its excellent physical and chemical properties, the fused quartz glass products are widely used in varies industries and technique fields.
Our main products are High Purity Fused Quartz Crucibles & Trays, Clear Quartz Bowls,Quartz Glass Lab Ware, High Purity Alumina Crucible, Transparent or Translucent Quartz Glass Plates, Quartz Rod, Quartz Tubing, Various Quartz Glass Instruments,Quartz bulb, Halogen Lamps.

This is general product manufactured by continuous drawing and continuous drawing can use differrent characteristics of the raw material.
the quartz rod has the charateristics of high purity ,heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.
fused quartz glass plate made from high purity quartz sand,it can work under 1200°Ccontinuously,and in short time can even work under 1450°C.
Opaque quartz crucible of arc melting used for semiconductor industry is the essential basic material for pulling monocrystalline silicon and developing LSI circuit.
Products are available in either Transparent or Translucent form, and as with all fused quartz and fused silica products